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About Me

Born in London, Ontario, Shaela Kinting began drawing as soon as she was able to hold a pencil.  She has worked in the Animation Industry for nearly a decade, designing and creating backgrounds for cartoons like Disney's "Pickle and Peanut", the Netflix original, "Trailer Park Boys the Animated Series", and Amazons "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" to name a few. She also created a short film titled "Netukulimk" for the National Film Board of Canada, and is involved in the Canadian music and artist community. Her work focuses on elements of nature and portraiture with hints of fantasy. Through her work Shaela Kinting hopes to share the beauty she sees in the world around her.

Artist Statement


The quiet space I inhabit while creating lines and colors from my imagination or surroundings has often brought a much needed calm to me.  When I was younger visual art offered a sense of escape. With each face drawn or place imagined, I was removed from a world I had found mundane or frightening to be swept off anywhere I could fathom.  However, in recent years, my work has transformed into a way of sharing the world as I see it now, beautiful and exciting. Dancing on the sidewalk or sharing a moment with a friend can become a piece of time captured on a page. I love sharing these moments with the people who inspire them.  Nature versus Urbanization has also been a recurring theme in my work. In our present times I feel celebration respect and love for the natural world are more important than ever. It is my hope that through collaboration  with gifted people from all walks of life, we may bring about changes needed to make our world a better place for future generations.

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